Dr. Terrence early at his deskDr. Early has spent nearly 30 years working with patients who have treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders, including over a decade of research into the development of new forms of treatment in academic centers such as Washington University, the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, and the Baylor College of Medicine. One insight gained was the realization that there are treatments that have been proven to work in placebo-controlled trials that still do not get regularly used, primarily because they are not the newly-patented medications that are aggressively marketed to the public and to physicians.

Ketamine is one example of this sort of treatment. It is an old drug, and cannot be patented, so there is no profit incentive driving it to be available for the general public. There are nutritional supplements such as SAM-e, folic acid, and acetylcarnitine that are also underutilized because they cannot be patented. Some older medications such as monamine oxidase inhibitors are virtually never used, but are sometimes the only effective treatment for treatment resistant depression and anxiety disorders. There are a number of other treatments that fit into this category of having robust evidence for effectiveness but underutilization.

Having worked with patients who have failed all of the first-line therapies for so many years, Dr. Early became interested in these non-standard, but effective therapies and the goal of this clinic is to make them available to the public.